Wednesday, July 01, 2015

well all week Ive been trying to explain to people that homosexual marriage is not a bad thing. That they should grant rights to be able to marry and that homosexuals were not bad people or anything,
Let me tell you I encountered some people who were not to willing to accept people who were not like themselves, Its been frustrating.
then tonight I saw a post shared by someone who followed liz the lezzie or something like that.
The post said something like people talk about genesis and say its adam and eve not adam and steve, but everyone knows genesis is phil collins and they named the other people in genesis but I cant remember their names,
so I tried to explain to them that its pretty offensive and intolerant to say a rock band is more important than someones religious beliefs and that they were fighting intolerance with intolerance,
it didnt go over big.
they accused me of forcing my religious beliefs on them.
they said they didnt need to respect people's beliefs when those people didnt accept their beliefs
they asked me if I supported stoning non virgin wives
they said no one needs me to stand up against religious bigotry
one guy, who claimed to be a 50 year old practicing catholic, told me he did not find it offensive and bigoted so no one else should either,
he then told me peter gabriel was god.
I was once catholic and Im pretty sure your not supposed to put sledgehammer over the almighty,
anyway they were more intolerant of people who werent like them than the people I had been defending the homosexuals to all week,
the whole thing makes me sad.
I would appreciate your input


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