Saturday, July 04, 2015

4th of July is one of the few days I miss my dad. He loved the 4th of july. He would take me to the guy selling illegal firework's garage. It was an awesome sight to see. A garage packed with fireworks, enough that I knew if the guy got caught he was gonna get in serious trouble. My dad said it was all about freedom and he had every right to buy fireworks from china no matter what the government said. After we would buy the fireworks my dad would give me a couple gross of bottle rockets, a crapload of M80's and maybe some roman candles if I was lucky. (my last 4th of july with my dad I was 12, I dont really know how old I was when he started giving me fireworks) probably not really "good" things my dad did but I very fondly remember his love and encouragement of fireworks and bucking the establishment. Down side is by the end of the day he would be drunk and beating everyone up.


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